Commercial Glass Services

Commercial glass windows

Commercial Windows

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve had the pleasure to work with countless businesses throughout the Louisville community on commercial construction projects with glass elements. If you’re driving through the city, we can almost guarantee you’ll be driving by commercial windows installed by our experienced team. Whether your business is building an office from scratch, refurbishing, and building, or anything in between we’re prepared for any build and design challenge.

A glass storefront with aluminum frames

Commercial Glass Glazing

Whether you’re looking for tinted windows to keep the sun out, added security to prevent business intrusions or an added layer of insulation to lower energy costs we have you covered. Our commercial glazing experts can help you review, evaluate, and install the best window glaze for your needs.

a glass storefront

Commercial Glass Doors

When it comes to commercial glass doors, pairing a visually pleasing appearance with confidence in the quality and durability is critical. Not only are our doors prepared to high-traffic use they’ve been selected with security in mind. We’ve put our products to the test and over the past 79 years and we confidently stand behind the commercial glass door products we offer.

Our commercial glass door services are not limited to new installations, we also provide commercial door repair and replacement options.

Glass Storefront with Aluminum frames

Storefront Glass

The first impression of your business can define your customer’s experience. For many businesses, this starts with the quality of your storefront. By combining architectural aluminum with quality glass and door products our team is able to put together and storefront they are sure to remember. With glass products focused on security and thermal regulation, not only will your storefront look good it will also keep your inventory secure and internal temperature consistent.

a glass storefront on a car dealership

Glass Curtain Walls

The cladding of choice for a growing number of metropolitan businesses, glass curtain walls can be seen throughout Louisville and most other major cities. The high visibility and improvements in glass technology that allows for increased thermal regulation and glare reduction have bolstered this exterior sheathing often making it the preferred material over concrete, wood, and brick.

Glass Archive Walls in a Historical Society

Glass Office Partition Installation

Glass office partitions allow business owners to leverage some of the benefits an open office space provides while reducing noise pollution throughout the office and adding an element of privacy for your workforce. These partitions will also reduce lighting needs, give you the ability to easily replace or remove the partitions if the office needs to be rearranged, and can be easily maintained with normal glass cleaners.

Strong glass in a zoo enclosure

Custom Glass Projects

At Stanley Schultze & Co., we know all too well that each project brings along its own unique challenges and needs. From Zoo enclosures, architectural pieces, protective museum enclosures, and secure certain walls, we’ve seen our fair share of those challenges. If you have a unique project or design features, we have the experience and team to get the job done.

Glass windows and a glass door on a home

Low-E Glass Installation

Low E glass, or low-emissivity glass, is perfect for owners looking to conserve heat and save energy. Layered with a protective barrier that effects infrared and ultra-violet light, Low E windows help keep the heat out during the summer and in during the window. Low E windows aren’t a one-type fits all product, some Low E windows are better for cooler climates and other for warmer, so be sure to touch base with one of our specialists to get the right type for your application.

Hotel Bathroom

Plexiglass Installation

Offering high-durability and shatter-resistance, Plexiglass gives businesses and architects the strength they need without sacrificing the visual appeal of the building or project. With it’s constantly growing list of applications, Plexiglass is often used for security purposes, skylights, and greenhouses, along with everything in between.

Commercial Glass Windows

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